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My goal is to keep my students relaxed and 

having fun, because that is when we learn best.

My students are adults who have come to my class because they want to successfully manage their lives here in Southern California.  

My classroom, whether on zoom or in person, is different for different levels of students. 


Beginning students get clear instructions with each activity.  Confidence grows with each opportunity to practice speaking English.  Advanced and conversational students need more practice thinking and speaking in English than they need grammar lessons.  Pronunciation is always important to practice in an encouraging environment.

I am a teacher and I am an ambassador who can help my students navigate and interpret American life.  Our multicultural society is wonderful and complex.  Our students are meeting people from all over the world who have come to live in Southern California.  I am not just teaching English.  I am welcoming my students to our wonderful but sometimes complicated community.

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