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Comments from Mary's students

I have been taking her class for almost a year now. Mary has a number of strengths to offer as a teacher. She always shows patience to her students and passionate about teaching. Mary has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and races, especially ESL students like me who knew a little English in the beginning. Her ability to connect with students and her talent at teaching using the languages we can understand to demonstrate into advanced topics are truly superior. She is also an excellent communicator. In conclusion, I higher recommend Mary.

-Monica (intermediate/advanced student)

My favorite teacher is Mary Teacher.  Mary is teach my English now. Because Mary has good qualities. The teacher is patient in teaching.  Mary is very experience in teaching. Thank you teacher!

-Li Li (beginning student)

Since I joined the English class I not only learned a lot of reading English but also did more oral practice. I have achieved a good progress. Your vivid teaching enhanced our interest in learning. No matter where I am,I will keep learning English. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness when we made mistakes. You made us like to speak English Now. Love you!

-Liping (advanced student)

Mary is a very nice teacher, very professional and patient to teach each of us. Every time before class, there will be a great communication and exchange with us, such as asking us to share weekend fun, vacation trips, etc., always  Keep the explanation in English. Thank you very much for your serious teaching and patient guidance, which makes us more confident and full of positive energy in English expression!  I am so lucky to meet you here, and I hope you can continue to walk with us. Thank you for your hard work!Thank you very much!

-Fiona (intermediate student) 

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